In a very ancient stele found in Iran by an archaeological team also involved in the finding of the first famous Ziggurat

In a very ancient stele found in Iran by an archaeological team also involved in the finding of the first famous Ziggurat, a very interesting translation was published in a book called he Genius of the Few?The disturbing content is no work of fiction but a very concise (although some may say exaggerated) interpretation of the cuneiform writing which to all intents and purpose is a detailed less mythologised, version of what we call the happenings of the Garden of Eden. In fact the place where these events apparently took place, was and still is called Edhin. The book goes as far as to draw a plan out of the existence of this mountain top settlement in which the camp commanders follow the line of the Archangels nnanage - on the stele?with similar names and the exile of one of them (Lucifer) for daring to break the taboo on mating with what they call he lowlanders? The settlement lacks, it would seem, the capacity and strength to continue with the heavy work in the garden settlement which incorporates a reservoir and a dam. The idea is put around in view of what seems to be a very long mission, that a controlled genetic union with the lowland womenfolk, could produce a hybrid with the characteristics of both. Perhaps the idea was to capture and breed with the lowland women (Cro- Magnons?) and perhaps select only those with the required development. Whatever, the chiefs of the encampment whom the stone describes as ordlings?are required to provide seed for what appears to be artificial insemination. One of the Lordings or Archangels dares to seduce one of the captive lowland women and he is banished. It is a fascinating scene of a potential emergence of a highly evolved modern man and even perhaps the first of the cultivators of the Taurus mountains since it is on the mountain plains of Pamir where both biblical myth and Iranian stele writings coincide. But that is not all, for in the old testament, the angry cries of the ancient prophets against the blasphemy of the aughters of men breeding with the beasts? are heard loud and clear. Obviously the concept of the blending of two distinct and unacceptable strains of man is not such a modern line of thought after all. What matters is whether we are denying ourselves the pleasure of knowing where the reality of our existance starts and fantasy ends. ,
This technique is sometimes called mental rehearsal. Whenever you have to prepare for some sort of anxiety-provoking event (in this case, either a first date or approaching that cute guy across the room), you want to relax your mind and body with deep breathing and visualize your ultimate goal in mind. You would want to find a place where you cannot be disturbed, either sit or lie down, do the deep breathing exercise as explained above, and then in great detail imagine your end result in mind. For instance, if you have a first date coming up, you could visualize him looking at you with a smile, happy to see you, having a great time with you, and/or ending the evening with a hug/kiss. If you do this exercise enough times, your brain will get to work to see to it that you succeed in bringing about your visualized success.
Throughout the forties and fifties, the company continued to innovate, at Willy Breitling's helm. In 1962, the company made history as astronaut Scott Carpenter donned a Breitling timepiece aboard the Aurora 7 space capsule. In 1969, the company made history yet again, as they invented and released a self-winding chronograph movement, a technical achievement that was a major breakthrough for the entire Swiss watchmaking industry. In 1979, Willy Breitling passed the torch onto Ernest Schneider, a pilot and electronics specialist, who then became the company's leader, launching multiple new watches in the next decade and further cementing Breitling's greatness in the industry.

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